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Vintage Flooring started out in 1994 with a simple goal. To give you, the customer, the most satisfying experience possible. We accomplish this in three ways. By carrying the best quality flooring products on the market. By hiring expert staff who not only help you select the right flooring, but who can provide a beautiful floor installation too. And lastly, by going out of our way to accommodate your needs – whatever those may be.

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If you’re committed to making the world a greener place, you’ll be happy to know we provide flooring options that are environmentally sustainable and look great. Eco-friendly floors save you money in the long-term as well, because they’re made with durable, natural materials that outperform budget flooring.

Look for this icon when browsing through our flooring options, which highlights eco-friendly features.


"The floors look great/wonderful.  A big thank you to the whole Vintage wood floor restoration team for the superb work! "

- Jeff K. -