An affordable option

that offers a lot of flexibility

Laminate Flooring

Choose from a variety of styles designed to look like hardwood flooring, tile and marble, but that come at much lower costs and are easier to install.

Laminate flooring is also a durable option. It stands up to daily wear and tear, water spills and even resists sun damage. Plus it collects less dust and pet dander than many other types of flooring, which is great if you suffer from allergies.

Laminate flooring just clicks together, so it’s easy to install even over existing floors and there’s less disturbance to your home.

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Starts Beautiful, Stays Beautiful

We strive to provide out customers with the best flooring products out there. That’s why we love TORLYS. They manufacture stunning laminates and hardwood floors that are created with minimal environmental impact. A TORLYS Smart floor is easy to install and maintain, and designed for long-lasting beauty.

Smart Uniclic® Joint Technology

  • The strongest-possible joint in flooring today.
  • Constant lower lip pressure creates the tightest joint.
  • Tested to withstand extraordinary joint stress—more than 1,000 lbs of pressure per linear yard is needed to pull apart two TORLYS planks.
  • Milled to 1/1000 of an inch for the most exacting fit.

Most Swell Resistant

  • Tested in water for 24 hours, TORLYS floors outperform. While ordinary floors can swell 20% or more, TORLYS Smart Floors register as low as 6%.
  • Lowest swell rates prevent ugly raised edges and reduce chipping.

Smart Core

  • TORLYS ultra-dense, compressed Smart Core resists denting.
  • Other floors may dent visibly more than TORLYS.

We Only Use (and work with) The Best!

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  • Laminate boards are made of preconsumer recycled wood fibers and chips from sustainable sources.
  • Locking system eliminate the introduction of VOCs typically associated with installation adhesives.
  • It’s easy to unclick, remove and reuse your floors somewhere else.

“The floors look great/wonderful. A big thank you to the whole Vintage wood floor restoration team for the superb work!”

- Jeff K -


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